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PO Box 94294, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73143


The Cheetah Design Story

Cheetah Design, LLC was established in 2012, by Ardecy Gyce. Ardecy's passion for world travel and unique design, prompted her to start Cheetah Design and sell unique hand-made items at craft fairs around the world.

Ardecy shares, "I enjoy my craft very much. Love and passion go into every handbag and hand-crafted item. I have taken my designs online to start sharing my creations with you. I am confident you will enjoy the difference in hand-made, unique creations in comparison to mass-produced, carbon-copied pieces."

As a military woman, Ardecy has traveled many places around the world, experiencing new culture and different ways of life. These experiences are reflected in her work. 

 Ardecy's desire upon retirement was, to perfect her sewing craft and to provide creations inspired by her travels. She is still doing so, 9 years into solely operating Cheetah Design, LLC. 

 "I hope you enjoy wearing my creations, as much as I enjoy designing and sewing them from the heart."- Ardecy Gyce, Head Designer, Cheetah Design, LLC.

The Difference Is In The Details   

Each piece created is hand-crafted.

Every stitch and seam have been carefully intertwined.

All handbags have been crafted uniquely.

This business is run with heart and proudly operated in the U.S.A. by a female, retired, military veteran.